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Committing the care of your carpets and rugs to a professional service is a decision you should take only after thoroughly acquainting yourself with a company. The information we provide will give you the assurance of knowing that the services we offer are the right ones for you.

Other companies have the unfortunate habit of using pictures. But a picture is an illustration, not a description. With digital photography and computer software it’s all too easy to clean up a picture of a carpet without actually having cleaned it.

Instead of photos that you can’t trust, we’ll lay it out for you in clear language. We earned our name and reputation by the quality carpet cleaner work we do, but also by standing by what we say, and you can quote us on that.  

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We Know the Best Method to get your Carpets the Cleanest

We dislike companies that just breeze through the door and clean all the carpets in exactly the same way. Such conduct is not only unprofessional and possibly unethical, it’s ineffective and it hurts customers. 

One reason we’re known as the best carpet cleaner in Hollywood is our planning. About this we are adamant: we don’t touch a carpet without a complete plan for it. 

Our planning starts with a frank discussion. We want as many details about your carpet as you can give us, and we must see, inspect, and evaluate the carpet. It takes time, but being crystal clear about what we’re working with is the most important part of our job.

Inspection and evaluation of your carpet is the key to giving you the results that we want every bit as much as you do. When we have all the information we need, we decide on the next best step

Different Carpets, Different Methods

As a rule, we use the least amount of water possible. Steam is a marvellous cleanser, but steam cleaning isn’t always the best option. We have available to us a variety of means and methods. Some involve very powerful vacuum cleaners and other specialized gear.

The idea is to clean the carpet while preserving its unique properties by maintaining its material integrity, color, texture, and other characteristics and features. This is carpet stain removal done the right way. 

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Office Carpet Cleaning

Most offices and commercial spaces have had some form of carpeting installed. Typically it’s neither as plush as nor of the same high quality as the carpeting preferred by homeowners. 

​Carpets in offices and commercial spaces need the same top-quality methods and care given to residential carpets.

To avoid disruption to your business, your employees and most of all to your all-important customers, we work around your business hours. We’ll  provide you with a truly professional job that will make your business shine.

Cleaning Up Some Myths

You might by chance have heard the mistaken notion that  proper cleaning contributes to a carpet’s deterioration and shortens its life.

Quite the contrary. A professional carpet cleaning removes precisely what in fact does degrade a carpet and shorten its life, while nourishing, revitalizing, and restoring a it to a health and cleanliness virtually indistinguishable from its original state. 

Far from doing harm, a regular, routine yearly or more frequent professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep your carpets fresh, clean, odor-free, and looking, feeling, and behaving like new. 

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