Carpet Repair and Carpet Stretching

If your your carpet becomes torn, suffers from localized excessive wearing, or is accidentally holed, there is no need to replace it with a new carpet. Our repair service will restore its integrity.

Whether minor problem or major, we can handle it. Rips, tears, and holes in larger carpets can cause separation, with the surface detaching from the backing . But, size isn’t always the most important factor.

What Are My Options?

With repair issues of this nature, you should explore your options. If you think the carpet could rescued, give us a call. We will fully inspect it and based on the assessment provide a diagnosis that has your best interests at heart.

Can You Repair All Sorts Of Carpets?

Unfortunately we can’t make any promises here. The main determinant of repairability is the severity of the problem. Determining severity entails accounting for both subjective and objective considerations. The one thing we truly hesitate to do, however, is attempt a carpet repair using fabric to patch  material that doesn’t precisely match it. 

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Office Carpet Repairs

Today most office flooring is carpeted. The volume of traffic an office has or expects to have is a strong indicator of what wear and tear may occur to the carpeting. Office traffic tends to be on the heavy side, with a corresponding level of wear and tear.

The most common office carpeting permits easy repair even in cases of major malfunction such as large-scale separation. Office carpeting typically consists of fabric atop backing that can easily be sewn back together. Office carpeting is virtually always repairable.

Hollywood Office With Newly Repaired And Cleaned Carpets

We Let You Run The Numbers

Our clients deserve the truth. If you want a repair estimate for its own sake, we’ll do it. If the facts and figures give you a green light, we can give you options for moving ahead.   

Whether it’s a carpet patch, carpet stretching, or carpet fixing, we have you covered.

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