The Most Common Steam Carpet Cleaning Questions, Answered

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Written by Liam Barnes


November 1, 2021

Does Steam Cleaning

What does steam cleaning actually kill? 

We’ve compiled your most common questions about steam cleaning and its many benefits.Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Bed Bugs?
If you found your way to this page by searching for “best steam cleaner for bed bugs” rest assured your search can end here.  

Three things are essential to the survival of bed bugs: warmth, blood, and carbon dioxide. Bed bugs thrive best when their habitat’s temperature lies between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this temperature, the bugs have their growth and reproduction hastened. However, the bugs begin to struggle with survival as the temperature increases. In fact, the bugs are killed in a matter of minutes when exposed to temperatures between 110 and 120 degrees.

Contrary to that, steam cleaners are capable of shooting steam, high in temperatures as hot as 300 degrees Fahrenheit. In conditions like this, bed bugs and all their life forms can be killed instantly. The use of steam cleaners to kill bed bugs is highly effective because of the high temperature.

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Remove Odor
The use of a steam cleaner ensures the removal of every stain and odor as the steam penetrates deeply to lift them off. To prevent the odor from returning to your carpet, the extractor is used to remove its source. Whenever you trace the source of lingering odors in your home to the rug, ensure you steam clean it.

Does steam kill odor? Yes, it does, effectively.

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Fleas?
Occasionally people ask questions like “will steam kill fleas?” Yes, the truth lies in the process of steam cleaning. Unlike dry vacuum, steam cleaning does a better job at getting rid of fleas permanently. The best steam cleaner for fleas helps to get rid of these tiny pests in the difficult areas of the home: the corners and carpet surfaces

Does steam kill flea eggs?
Using dry vacuums to kill flea eggs is discouraged as they cannot get rid of eggs and larvae effectively. Unlike dry vacuums, the best steam cleaner for fleas does the job of removing pests such as fleas and bedbugs efficiently. This is because the steam produced by the device is at high temperatures usually 200 degrees Fahrenheit and is hot enough to kill the pests, and all their life forms.

Fleas have a fast reproduction process that causes their eggs to hatch within 3 days, leading to an increase in their population. Ensure you perform thorough steam cleaning at least twice a week, particularly in infested areas to kill fleas and their eggs.

Does Steam Cleaning Carpet Kill Mold?
When it comes to removing mold, you cannot turn to all cleaning options for answers. Out of all the possible cleaning solutions, only a handful can effectively remove mold. One of such cleaning options is Steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning uses hot vapor, which effectively softens the soil, thereby killing every form of mold, bacteria, and mildew rapidly. Do not make the mistake of using bleach, unfortunately, it is one of those options that cannot remove mold.

The use of bleach poses a threat to your health and does a poor, ineffective job of only whitening the mold.  This whitening causes the mold to look like tile grout and caulk creating an illusion as though it was nonexistent.

So how does steam kill mold?
The process begins with the release of heat from the nozzle in the form of vapor particles which infiltrates the pores of the mold’s surface. The hotness of these particles is what kills the mold as it penetrates its entire surface.

Furthermore, you can make use of a brush to help in removing mold from difficult places or cracks where the brush’s bristles access easily. So, does steam kill mold? Yes, thanks to the hot water that turns to steam vapor.

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