Hollywood Florida’s Very Best Carpet Cleaning Services

Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Services

Written by Liam Barnes


November 1, 2021

An unbiased overview of the top steam and carpet cleaning companies in and around Hollywood, Florida. 

We have been steam cleaning the curtains, car seats, carpets, upholstery, rugs of the good people of Hollywood Florida (the best Florida, am I right, or am I right, right? for long time.

We got a lot of love of course for Fort Lauderdale, Aventura, Miami Gardens, Golden Beach and the rest too.

Anyways I got off track. 

In that time we have spoken to thousands of locals who told us they got quotes from our competition before ultimately deciding to work with us. 

Because we back ourselves as the most reliable and highest quality carpet cleaning service in Hollywood and surrounding areas, we are not afraid to tell our audience about other cleaning companies. 

So we have decided to do a roundup of our local competition that our customer tell us they also looked at. 

So why on earth would we write an article like this that promotes and brings attention to our competition? Potentially losing business as a result!

Quite simple really. 

We let our quality of work and competitive prices do the talking. We want you to compare our prices and reputations with the other steam cleaning companies you have a choice of. 

So let’s get into it. 

Here are the Hollywood Florida Area Carpet Cleaning Services you might also want to consider when evaluating us. 

Carpet Cleaning Hollywood Florida
The team at North Central Hollywood Carpets has a smaller area they service, but if you are in their area, we hear they are a good company so might be worth a look if you’re seeking that third or second quote. 

Carpet Cleaning and Water Damage
If you’re in need or tile and grout cleaning then they might be a good option. They also service Broward county, so if you’re a business and have a location in both Hollywood and Broward county then that could be handy. 
Oriental rugs, painting, and cleaning…this team does it all seem. Apart from the painting(?) though, we got you. We have the most extensive list of cleaning services of any company in South Florida. We even do couch cleaning. That’s right your sofa is going to look A+! Any fabric couch with stains, we can make look great. 

Mr. Dry Steam
Boat, yacht, and RV cleaning are services Mr. Dry Steam is known for. I would not be doing my job if I didn’t point out what Hollywood Carpet Cleaning Company also does a fine, fine job cleaning boats, RV, super yachts, regular yachts and even fishing boats.

Carpet Cleaning Deluxe
They service the Pembroke Pines and Hollywood areas and from what we know they are a good and reputable company. They are not open on Saturday’s however so just plan for that. It is worth mentioning that we are of course open on Saturdays, and Sundays, and Mondays, and Tuesday, and Wednesdays….you get it right?

3D Carpet Cleaners
We really don’t hear about this company all that often, not to say they are not great at what they do, we just don’t really know. You likely will find them in a Google search. It seems wood cleaning is a specialty of theirs

Eco Green Carpet Clean
They service a large area with their truck mounted steam cleaning system. We don’t know too much about them except to say our customers mention their names from time to time. 

Marble Polishing Cleaning
Marble and granite polishing seems to be this company’s speciality. So if you have lots of shiny floors or countertops, its probably a good idea to get in touch with this team. We also do a fine job at cleaning marble and granite so just make sure you speak to us too ;).

All Clean Carpets
We wish you could tell you something useful about this outfit but unfortunately their website is down and we are unable to access it. That said, we hear our customer mention them from time to time so we think they are reputable.

Hollywood and surrounding areas finest steam cleaning, carpet and upholstery clearing services. 

Take a look at the rest, but come chat to the best ;)!

We hope this article makes your search easier and more efficient. We also hope you will reach out to us to get a free quote or when you have an emergency need. 

Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can phone us on 754 704 1618 or leave us a message by clicking the big ol’ button below. 

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