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Handmade rugs beautify your homes, however, not when dirty. That’s why we recommend Jude’s Hollywood Carpet Cleaning as your go-to handmade rug cleaning facility to help keep your rug in a healthy condition.

We make use of high-end rug washing machinery in addition to the hand-detailing of our experienced and highly skilled workers. Our oriental rug cleaning process ensures we care for your rug the right way, thereby, improving your rug’s appearance and its lifespan.

Handmade rug cleaning requires more than just removing the debris and stains on your carpet. This is why we put a lot in place for your rug to be properly cleaned. Furthermore, we offer an excellent rug dry-cleaning process, best used for rugs that must never be cleaned with water.

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Our Process To Clean Oriental Rugs

Upon receiving your carpet, we start our oriental carpet cleaning process by removing all particles and dust.
Afterward, we employ the use of our Automatic Rug Dusting System to remove excess dust and a high-end vacuum cleaner to remove large objects off your oriental rug.
This process is meticulously done before proceeding with other steps because dust damages your rug’s fibers, sometimes accumulating up to a considerable harmful amount. In such cases, you will need rug restoration services to get your rug back to a healthy condition.

While your rug is still immersed in water, we apply a mild soap free of chemicals and enzymes, for the preservation of its original color and condition.

As much as the soap has a mild effect on your rug, it is capable of removing the dirtiest of stains.

Once the deep cleansing process is completed, your rug is placed in our flatbed rug washing system. This high-end machine forces water through the rug thereby using the pressure to push out existing dirt and grime.

The ownership of this equipment means Jude’s Hollywood Carpet Cleaning owns the best oriental rug cleaning facility around as none of its stiff competitors have such an elaborate cleaning system.

After we have removed from your rug all the excess water, it is transported to our heated chamber with a temperature-controlling system where it is hung to complete the drying process.

Our mode of drying ensures your rug lays flat and prevents potential contaminants from developing.

After completing the dust and particle removal process, we soak your rug in a pool of water of relatively low depth to carry out the dipping process.

The is important in that it helps to remove the grime and dirt that has accumulated in your rug for a long time. Furthermore, it helps to relax the knotting underneath your rug as we need to care for every part of it.

The soap application gives us the opportunity to start our deep cleansing process using a soft bristle brush machine that adds shampoo to the rug in a circular manner.

This oriental carpet cleaning technique washes away any dirt or grime present inside of your rug as the machine’s movement draws them out. For a thorough rug cleaning, we do this to both sides of your rug.

After all the thorough cleaning processes have been completed, we immediately place your rug between two rollers applying enormous pressure on it to remove all the excess water.

We need to remove excess water from your rug to protect it against color running, improve its softness and drying time.

Once your rug has been fully dried, we turn our attention to one last important aspect of it: fringes.

​The overall health and condition of your rug is revealed by its fringes; therefore, it has to be properly cared for. Once all our oriental rug cleaning processes have been completed, your rug is available for pick up and can be returned to its place as it keeps beautifying your home.

The Cost of Cleaning An Oriental Rug

Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost
Oriental rug cleaning cost is usually priced per square foot to discourage cost-fit-all pricing because all rugs do not have the same size.

Usually, the cost of cleaning your oriental rug ranges from $5 to $8 per square foot.

Handmade rugs are made of delicate materials and the knitting that keeps them together needs to be hand-washed which raises the cost. Importantly, ensure you take your rug to a professional handmade rug cleaning facility that uses tender cleaners that are free of chemicals.

Persian Rugs
Similarly, with oriental rugs, professional Persian rug cleaning facilities charge between $5 and $8 per square foot.

​The prices are similar because both rug types require identical cleaning processes with the type of knot found in the two the only notable difference.

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