4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Choosing a quality commercial carpet cleaning company is important. You want to hire professionals who know what they are doing. Some companies cannot back up their claims or have technicians that are not qualified.

There are some things to look for when you are deciding which commercial carpet professionals to hire. Ask these four questions for hiring commercial cleaners.

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What Techniques and Services Do You Offer?

Most carpet cleaning services will use steam cleaner and warm water extraction. This is a great technique, but it doesn’t work for all carpeting. You should look for knowledge and experience.

Professional carpet cleaning services will be able to explain how they can clean your particular carpet. Experts will perform an inspection of your carpet and explain the correct cleaning technique and process for it. 

They should also be able to help you extend the life of your carpet with certain cleaning methods and routines. In addition, you can ask them how to get rid of dirt and stains in your carpet without hiring a professional.

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If they are unable to explain the process or the reasons it will work for your carpet, you may want to get a second estimate. There are plenty of carpet cleaning services in Hollywood, Florida. We offer the following additional services:

  • Steam Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Carpet Repair

For longevity, it’s always best to use professional carpet cleaning services for your business. Here are the 8 business benefits if you hire Jude’s Carpet Cleaning in Hollywood, Florida.


Can You Provide a Written Guarantee For Services?

Air flow and ventilation are crucial to good air quality. If your vents are blocked, your air circulation suffers. When air doesn’t flow, your HVAC system won’t filter it. Good ventilation will bring in outside air. Then, this air will mix with indoor air. Proper venting and a good HVAC system are crucial to proper conditioning and regulation. 

Good ventilation will help you control contaminants that can make your employees sick. These contaminants could be construction chemicals, allergens, or dust particles. These airborne particles can cause asthma, inflammation, and even cancer. 

We take the air that we breathe for granted. But the air quality in our office can significantly affect our employees’ health. Having a clean and healthy workspace is a major cornerstone for running a successful business. Check out the professional cleaning services, which will keep your office air quality clean.

Also, good ventilation will prevent mold by preventing high humidity. If you have good ventilation, the moisture will circulate and be removed. High humidity is prime real estate for mold that can cause health problems. 

However, it is also important to have some humidity. This is because air that is too dry is also conducive to dust and allergens. Dry climates can increase the amount of allergens that are propelled into the air you breath. 

It is also a good idea to check and replace your HVAC filters often. When they are too dirty, the excess dust settles in your air ducts. This brings us to the next way to improve the quality of the air in your office.

Cleaning wet carpets by yourself is a daunting and tedious job. To learn more about the best thing to do when your carpet gets wet, you need to consider several things when wet carpets.

Will I Get a Free Estimate in Writing?

Almost every carpet cleaner will offer free estimates; in fact, you should never really pay for an estimate or quote. This can save you from paying unexpected charges or pricing.

If you can get it in writing, there can be no confusion about the original quote or estimate. Any reputable carpet company will give an honest estimate and provide it in writing.

Are Your Carpet Cleaning Technicians Certified and Insured?

A reputable and professional carpet cleaning service will only have technicians that have a carpet cleaning technician certification. If a carpet cleaning company in Hollywood, Florida has technicians that aren’t certified or they don’t know if they are, it is best to keep looking for a good company.

In addition, you should check to see if their technicians are insured. If you hire a carpet service for your commercial carpet cleaning needs, you don’t want to be liable for injuries or damage. You can ask for their insurance documentation to protect you and your business.  

Just asking these four simple questions can help you narrow down your search for a carpet cleaner in Hollywood, Florida. These will help you locate a company that is reputable, professional, and credible for all of your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

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