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Misinformation about area rug cleaning has misled some people to shy away from using such services. Rumor and hearsay hold that neither traditional nor oriental rugs should be cleaned.

We would be lying to you if we told you that this mistaken notion hasn’t affected us, particularly with respect to our professional rug cleaning services. We’d like to weigh in on the subject.

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The No-Cleaning Myth

Dispelling negative rumors and hearsay is one of our objectives in presenting the information on this website. If we may, we would like to take the liberty to speak in somewhat blunter terms.

We at Jude’s Hollywood Carpet Cleaning are 100% in agreement with the people who say that you shouldn’t try to clean fancy rugs, for example, Persian rugs, on your own.

Cleaning such a rug or perhaps an oriental rug, or maybe just your carpet with soapy water and drying it out in the sun as you would do with car rugs is a recipe for disaster.

For each and every type of rug and carpet there is a specific method of cleaning tailored to the needs of the given rug or carpet.

Professional rug cleaning is the thing for you. And that, need I add, is no myth.

Rug Cleaning With Vacuum Cleaner In Hollywood Home

Steam Cleaning & Other Methods

One of our more popular methods of cleaning is our steam cleaning method. We use it on carpets and on other types of fabrics as well. There are certain rugs that we can treat this way, too, with excellent results.

A good many rugs we will want to clean right where they are, in the home. There often is no need to do otherwise to undertake the cleaning and drying processes guaranteed to produce optimal results.

The Type of Fabric Determines The Strategy

Simple decency along with good faith and honesty precludes false promises of honest work done within twenty or thirty minutes. Simply stated, top-quality rug cleaning can’t be done that way, and we won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes about it.

Beat the clock is a game others play. It’s the type, nature, quality and condition of the fabric that determines the duration of the process. A good thing happens in its own time.

Proper Drying Is Essential

No matter what kind of rug it may be, leaving it outside to dry in the sun is a poor idea. For one thing, the sun can destroy the color or make the rug unnaturally hard. Professional rug cleaning means that such problems are avoided.

Others say to dry them in the shade. That prevents hardening, but fails to rid the moisture rapidly enough. With the moisture comes mold and mildew and a stench that defeats your best efforts to defeat it.

We apply different drying methods that prevent hardening, preserve full color, and eliminate all risk of exposure to mold and mildew and unpleasant odors.

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