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The use of a carpet steam cleaner or a furniture steam cleaner, whether for residential or commercial jobs, is one of the more common techniques that we employ.

It’s a hard and fast rule of ours to exercise extreme care with respect to the amount of water used on carpets and rugs. When and where it’s called for, we prefer to minimize exposure to water by steam cleaning a carpet.

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We Can Mix It Up

Merely running a steam cleaner over a carpet and calling it a day is a slap-dash approach that without exception will disappoint with unacceptable results. No two carpets are the same, and each carpet requires its own specially devised steam cleaner treatment.

This is where we truly excel. We give your carpet more time here, more time there, get down on our hands and knees to do some scrubbing, whatever it takes. The extra mile is standard.

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Dry Cleaning Rugs

If you give your clothing to a dry cleaner, ok, but never entrust your rugs to a dry cleaner. The only thing shared by clothes and rugs is the need to clean them. Apart from that, they have nothing in common.

In deeper truth, dry cleaning simply isn’t up to the job. Dry cleaners have neither the expertise nor the necessary equipment that a professional steam cleaner has, nor can a dry cleaner give a rug the care and special attention that only a professional can give it. A dry cleaner might seem convenient. In fact, many dry cleaners use chemical solvents that harm fabric by weakening it. That’s the last thing you want for a rug that you’re hoping will last a lifetime.

Freshening Things Up

You don’t have to wait until a carpet is a stain-covered eyesore to give us a call. It’s a good idea to give carpets a regular freshening-up by a professional steam cleaner to keep them in top shape. This is especially wise for hotels and offices with a large volume of first-time visitors, and don’t forget that first-time visitor to your home, either.

First impressions are lasting impressions, and hotel and office managers no less than homeowners want their visitors to notice that you care enough to have a steam cleaner keep your carpeting good-looking and odor-free. Carpeting that’s in top shape will help turn first-time hotel, office, and home visitors into regular guests.

Quick & Cost-Effective

When quick cost-effective cleaning is what you need, we do the job with the effectiveness and efficiency you’re looking for, that’s just one benefit from working with professional commercial steam cleaning companies. If we detect the need for extra care and therefore more time and attention than your time constraints permit, we defer to you. We’ll do only what you want done.

If you’re under pressure of time with an important event or function just around the corner, a quick and thorough steam cleaning is likely what you need.

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