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Home life being what it is, and with some relatively rare exceptions, the furnishings in the great majority of homes are meant for daily use.

Given daily use, upholstered furniture such as couches, sofas, wing chairs, and dining set chairs will, over time, show signs of normal wear and tear.

A professional upholstery cleaner will give them that showroom quality you want them to have. 

Do-it-yourself methods for cleaning upholstered furniture are one of the faster ways a piece of furniture can find itself reassigned from the living or dining room to the attic or the garage.

​With us, the best upholstery cleaner service is at your fingertips. A quick phone call to us will help make sure that your furniture stays where it’s meant to be, being used the way it was meant to be used, by keeping the furniture clean and attractive.

We’d like to add a few further remarks in this regard. Spoiler alert: these next paragraphs contain information useful to anyone who owns furniture, and especially to family folk and pet owners.

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Where We Draw The Line

We are known as the best upholstery cleaner and upholstery steam cleaner, and often receive calls from people with questions regarding the types of furniture that we are able to clean.

Given the huge variety of furniture, we would like to clarify what we can do for our customers.

In the main, our upholstery cleaner service is limited to cleaning upholstered furniture. This isn’t to say that we are unwilling to clean other types of furniture.

However, non-upholstered furniture may require alternative cleaning methods and equipment.

Knowing What We Are Getting Into

Company policy dictates that before cleaning is to begin we secure the worksite by way of a thorough inspection and inventory of the area that is to be cleaned. This is done to make sure that we are dealing with the material that the client has designated for cleaning.

It is not uncommon that a customer is uncertain of the type of fabric with which a piece of furniture is upholstered. Identifying the fabric enables us to deploy a cleaning strategy designed specifically for it. 

Also, it helps us spot subtle staining or other issues that might require extra care and attention that the best upholstery cleaner will be sure to give it –that means us.

Pet Hair & Stains

Two common issue about which people call us is pet hair contamination and stains. A vacuum cleaner often fails to remove pet hair, and most stains are more stubborn than we would have them be.

If you’ve tried to deal with pet hair or a stain and meet with frustration, give us a call. Whatever kind of upholstered furniture you need cleaned, our upholstery steam cleaner team has you covered. 

​We not only remove pet hair and stains, we have chemicals that eliminate odors left by the oil in pet hair and whatever it was that produced the stain. 

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Advice, it is said, is freely given but seldom welcome. That’s not entirely true, but it’s definitely true when it comes to advice that amounts to encouraging needless worry and caution. 

No doubt, there can be too much of a good thing. But as with a yearly visit to the doctor or twice-yearly dental check-up, routine furniture cleaning a couple of times a year keeps your furniture in good health. For the best upholstery cleaner service, contact us today.

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